August 28, 2012

BLOGGING TIPS: Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling a post is an efficient tool to keep your blog alive with new updates when you don't always have time to write your posts. As a writer, sometimes I feel like I want to write so many things in one day and after a week doing it I got tired. Moody eh? But I don't want to make my blog looks boring when I am so I try to write posts when I have ideas coming and if I think it's too many post for a day, I'll schedule the posts! Blogger will post it for me according to the time I want it to be published, that's very nice of him (lol, I'd like to address Blogger as him don't you bother)

If you're also using Blogger then you can do it too. I've no experience with other blog templates so, sorry. How you do it with Blogger is simply:
1. Create new post, and look at the bars on your right hand side - the Post Settings. 
2. Look for Schedule, click it, set the date and time, and don't forget to click Done. 
3. Create your post and don't forget to click Publish. Don't worry it will not publish automatically because you already set the schedule.
4. Wait for the scheduled time and you can see it posted by Blogger!

So now if you ever wonder how come I can create post during office hours, you know my secret ;)

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