November 30, 2012

FASHION ICON: Clanirella the Riot Girl

I have been waiting to write a post about real fashionista around me and voilĂ  here it is! 

I honor this first post for my girl, Dyana Savina Hutadjulu, or also known as Clanirella. A social worker who is also a performer, annoucer, and well she was a feature writer for Cosmopolitan Indonesia too. Multitalented? Confirmed! 

Funny thing about her nickname, Clanirella was coming from her highschool nickname Clanir combined with Cinderella since she has a midnite curfew. And since, Clanirella became her showbiz name.

I know her since around 10 years ago circa 2001 in our first year in university. Back then her style was different from the Clanirella we all know now. It started since she was working for Cosmopolitan Indonesia as feature writer and freelancer for nu:B, a lifestyle magazine. She was assigned to write about streetwear and from there she transformed her style into what she called Riot Grrrl, which is also a character of her band - Fever to Tell

She’s currently digging Alexa Chung and British, especially London, fashion scene. And thus I chose her to model my first collection because she embedded the Mod spirit within. Guess what’s her hunch for 2013 trend? Preppy and Mod! As she thinks that more guys nowadays are into Fred Perry. I say good hunch hehe..

Clanirella’s favorite fashion item is Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC. Red ruby colored lipsmack, which has always been her signature. Her wardrobe style is a combination of glasses, shirt, sweater, and oxford shoes. She says when she grows old she wants to keep the preppy look like her grandma. Apparently stylish is in the family blood, how inspiring! And on boys, she prefers the Alex Turner type. A naturally effortless, the trying hard to look effortless..not. Britrock’s simple t-shirt and jeans, pretty and skinny. Not really into sporty style.

As Indonesia’s young generation, Clanirella personally thought that Indonesian, especially Jakartans, are edgy in fashion which she’s really proud of. Well I’m proud to feature her too. Check her poses for FHAB by Bonjep here!

Wait for more Fashion Icons story on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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