December 28, 2012

FASHION NEWS: Jesper McIlroy Photography


I know it's been ages since I write regularly but I'm on an exile break that's coming to an end soon.. As soon as I write this post to be exact. With this post, I'd like to announce my new photographer crush..sometimes you found out there are some hot photographer guys out there..and this is one of that moments. Today's post goes to Jesper McIlroy

How do I found him? Well I've been following The Apartment - Style Edition reality show on Star World and he was in a team called Bros United with his brother, Killian McIlroy, and they made the top 3. You can check their stories in their nice new blog, here.

Now, can you guess who is older? I had my guess wrong! By the way, Jesper is also a model. No wonder eh? Anyways, below are some of Jesper's shots.

Find more Photography on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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