December 31, 2012

FASHION ICON: The Cool Casual Chic Sasha

Hola the last day of 2012! 

Monolog at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta

Whilst we wait for the new year to come, let me write down my interview session with another one fashionable chica I know. I'm so lucky to be surrounded with so many 'real' fashion icons in my life!

She is called Sasha. We used to work in the same multinational consumer goods company, both of us quit and adjourn new careers now. She went to pursue master degree in Bournemouth, United Kingdom and now she's back in town and start her own company of brand consultancy. Oh and we're both Scorpions! (mind me and my Scorpion pride) So here is it, some picks of her brain on fashion related stuff!

Q: First, please describe your style
A: I'm actually very simple. My favourite fashion items would be sneakers, jeans, and t shirts. Since I work on my own and usually I work from Starbucks, a simple shirt and short would do. I'm not the dressy mall girl type. I don't dress up to meet people, unless it's a meeting then I would dress up to look a little formal. I also like an edgy look and I avoid things that makes me look old (a housewife kinda look). 

Q: Favourite fashion icon?
A: I don't like fashion bloggers, please note that. (Ouch!) I just don't get the narcissism part of the job. Like, duh. But, it's ok. It's just not my thing. But there's actually one that I really like, which is Man Repeller. She has this androgyny style and by just simply wearing skinny jeans, white shirt, and super cool shoes, she just turns into uber cool. Let me explain this, she wears unique items and I like it because it's basically simple stuff and it looks comfortable. Also, I like how she does layering which sadly I can't imitate here because of the hot weather.
So, I like her and.. Please note that for this one I only like her style, not her as a person or her acting. I think lately Kirsten Stewart.. (Gasp! I was laughing out loud in the background, no offense.. I just never thought she would answer Kirsten Stewart!) I think this year, since she started promoting Breaking Dawn and been hired by Balenciaga, her style improved compared to her style 3 years ago. She's still a sporty girl, hipster, messy, rebellious, but it just gets cooler now. She can play it nicely whether she's just wearing baseball cap, shirt, and sneaker, or pull off a red carpet look. And every time she dresses up, there's always a bit of her personality on it. I'm really digging Balenciaga this year, plus how they match their new campaign with Kirsten Stewart personality (let's see whether Alexander Wang keeps her in the next Balenciaga campaign or not)

Q: I noticed that even your apparels seems casual and simple but there's always the little details that makes it different. For instance you're wearing a legging with studs. Where do you get these items?
A: Well, I'm buying what's trending (lol) I'm simple, I see what's trending in stores, if I like then I buy it if I could. I like Topshop, Pull & Bear, New Look, and well Zara is ok. Oh, I used to do online shopping at ASOS too. I also like Mango, Proenza Schouler, Rebecca Minkoff, Stella McCartney. I like Opening Ceremony but I'm not sure how to buy their stuff here.

Q: So what do you think of Indonesia's fashion scene?
A: To be honest, I don't think we're there yet. Our options are still very limited. Fashion industry in developed countries is way more advanced than ours. From mass retailers or high end designer brands offer so many options with affordable price. I see there are so many local brands nowadays, but even so it's still hard to compete with global brands because of the economic of scale. So in terms of fabrics and finishing, we're still below industry average. In terms of style, I think our society is less developed in personal style. It influences the designers output because nobody wants to be too different, not so many people here have the guts to stand out in the crowd. Which is too bad because I think people do have purchase power here, but they just don't have options to choose from.

Q: Ok, now that we've discussed your personal style and the fashion industry. I'd like to hear your opinion about male fashion style that you like
A: Umm.. I don't really pay attention to men attire. I don't really like guys that is too fashionable. But I do like clean and neat guys. And what's most important is that their style are true to their own person, so wear your personality guys. And I don't want guys that are way too much into their personal care, thank you. I don't want a guy that's prettier than me. Oh, I like the Sartorialist kinda guys. See I think all guys need is just a good shirt, cool pair of shoes, and watches.

Q: Last question, what's your must have beauty product?
A: Burt's Bees lipbalm, Benefit's mascara, L'Oreal liquid eyeliner, any candy colour lipsticks, also blush on and bronzer.

Well, we say thank you for your time Sasha! And have a happy and successful new year! 


Wait for more Fashion Icons story on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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