September 19, 2012

QUIZ: The First 3 Words

my baby blog celebrates her first month today since mother B's first hand attempt on making it! She was born in August 19th 2012, that makes her a Leo cub.

I asked myself what I should I write about first month anniversary and a friend told me to write about why I started out this blog. Such a good idea! So here it is..

It all started out couple months ago when all my plans didn't seem to work out and I felt like I was running out of options, good options, that left me with the not so good ones. I was stuck and I couldn't turn to anyone else because I was, and well I still am, the only one who can make decisions for myself. I had too much thoughts on my minds and so, I wrote them all down and made an essay.

In the essay I figured out that I was not happy because I left those things that made me happy behind. I thought as we grow up we have to leave things behind because it belongs in the past, in the childhood. But guess what? I've always been a person who knows what I want, and there in my essay I wrote about a kid who knew what she wanted all along. It was me, as an adult, who had no courage to stand up to what I believed in. It would have been easy actually not to follow your dreams, to live life like how it was given to you by chance or by fate. But unfortunately, it was not easy for me doing things I don't like and not doing the things I like so I have no other options but to have guts. 

Realizing this of course is merely a start. Last month I started out what I should have been doing since I was 13 years old. Which is what? Writing, fashion-ing, investigating, performing, romancing. Those things that make me happy. I realized I had been a stuck up little person living in a comfort zone which is actually a danger zone because really I felt like a zombie, out of wit, out of luck, and out of charm.

Now look at that picture of random letters, what I see is Beauty - Love - Success. My fourth is Health. Those are the things that I want to live in and it will become my lights that guide me. And how am I going there? Let's say this blog is one of the tunnels, for it is my projection of beauty. That's why I named it Bonjep's Lookbook: a look in life by Bonjep. It's a part of my coming journey. I so can't wait!

(Photo taken from Social@Ogilvy)

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