September 10, 2012

STYLE INSPIRATION: Muse of Elegance, Rika

I've decided to make Monday less boring with... Inspirational Monday! Dedicated this day to post about style set of my inspirations. And today I will write about Rika. She's soft, womanly, and sensitive. Her style is about being a mature woman that's in touch with her girly feminine side.

How to dress like her? Well, she's into brands but you don't have to. If you don't want to splurge then..'steal' ;) Of course not literally stealing the items out of their displays but steal they style, find the 'clones' I don't encourage you to buy forgery stuff but if an item is a trend, there must be a follower out there.

Ok so here it is, again I'm using Looklet. I like to picture her in a dress.. Her signature would be a long (below knees) flowing dress, or an A line. And not just plain dress, a dress with patterns. She would play with the soft color like mint, or other pastels. Her accessories of choice is a watch, and a few occasion a statement necklace. She's usually a flat shoes girl, but she wears pumps and heels to party too. Her bag needs to be utilitarian, she needs to throw a lot of stuff in there.

Find more Style on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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