September 25, 2012

STYLE INSPIRATION: South East Asia Fashion Mecca

Yes yes I'm back! Well not back to motherland yet as I am still in holiday but yes back to blogging for a short period as I have something to tell you..

Oui Amphorn
I wanted to keep my holiday destination as a secret at first but what's so fun about it? I'm about to spill..are you ready? I went to Bangkok! And I hereby crown Bangkok as South East Asia fashion mecca! Bangkok has everything a fashionista could ever need. From branded to brandless items head to toe and all the prep and prim pampering to look 100% you.

The Thai government even created a project called Bangkok Fashion City, read it on Wiki here. To tell you the truth, I was too busy shopping I only use my camera on the day one. And the rest was just a blur sweet memories of eyegasm.

When I stroll around on the streets I saw people with their own personal style, once again, their own original style! Not a copycat nor a trend follower and definitely not sterile. I took a picture of our hostel staff at LubD Silom, she was wearing a peplum short! I haven't even seen it worn anywhere else.

Below are some photos about Bangkok Street Style 2012 from Flickr taken by Asian (Street) Impressions.

Hi low
See throughHigh-lo

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