October 2, 2012


Last day in Bangkok! Felt sad to leave this lovable city.

We got our free breakfast today.. in case you're wondering why we got free breakfast you can read my post  [Moments] We live in a world where losing your mobile phone is worse than losing your virginity

So after free breakfast we decided to do some quick look at another mall we haven't visited, we chose MBK Center or Mahboonkrong. We were trying to bargain some of the fake bags, but the price there were quite expensive (from 3000 - 6000 baht) compared to Chatuchak market. 

The mall sells fashion items, electronics, mobile phones, dvds, jewelries, etc. and they're all categorized by floor. You can check the complete floor plan here. What I like most about this place is that they actually have lavatories every 4 stores? Like wow. They must realize that this place huge and that people might want to use the closest restroom available. So it was super convenience. 

We didn't stay there for long, we left after we had our lunch at teppan place. My friend wanted to bleach her teeth in one of Bangkok dental clinic but she had to wait until 4.30 pm which was too late because we had to be at the airport 6 pm for check in. Its said that beauty treatment like skin care, oral care, hair care, in Bangkok is cheaper because the competition is high. Anyways we had another foot reflexology instead. One thing about foot reflexology in Bangkok is that they use Tiger balm (I think?) and it gives a warm soothing feeling all over.

And that was my last warm memory of Bangkok *sobs* Definitely coming back there someday soon!

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