October 29, 2012


Monday Inspirations here! Today I'm going to feature Sasha..a cool, casual, and funky girl. Funky contains the word Fun! She's the one to mix bright colors with stripes or plaids or stars pattern and studs! She knows how to twist her style to fit into just anything. She dress like no one cares, or at least perhaps she doesn't. She doesn't follow dress code, the dress code follows her. That's how awesome she is. 

Her signature style is comfortable. She's comfy with her shirt and short as she is in her dress and tights, add a  jacket, wear flats, and wear a funky Ray Ban! Be playful with the accessories whether it be a hat, a tie, or sunglasses! Here's my Looklet set on her.

Find more Style on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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