November 12, 2012

Wishes of 2012

Wish Upon a Star
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Have a good start of the week fabulous people! 
I'll start mine by pouring my thought on a new year of my life. I turned 28 (OMG) on the 28 of October.
So far I think I haven't found what I'm looking for in life. But I've learned a lot of lessons life taught me. Among them are faith, courage, and determination. I believe without these things, I will never find what I'm looking for. 
Being 28 means I have a long history behind that shaped me the way I am today. I have come through a lot that made me know myself just a little bit better. And guess what? The more you discover, the more you know less about things. And I'd like to call that wisdom. My wisdom or perhaps it was my guts, always knew that 2012 would turn out BIG for me. And it is probably my life changing year. 
Something named destiny showed up this year. It told me that each of us was born to carry a different role, embrace it. I've done enough living life that I thought was directed for me until fate happens and bitch slap me on the face to wake me up from my solemn dream. That was it, the sign I was waiting for. A sign that I can no longer live that way, the way that I didn't believe what I was doing nor where was I going. When you don't believe, you are not real because you are what you believe. Have faith.
In my prayer, I ask for strength to live my life fully. And courage too, to stay true to where you are heading to fulfill your calling called destiny. I've lived my life pretending that my dream wasn't made for me, to have thought maybe I was meant for something else but I never could see where I was going with that on mind. Of course I couldn't because it wasn't my vision. My peers may have compliment me for my guts, to stand up for myself against others. But the truth is, the real courage is to stand up against yourself.
That's when I realize that the hardest part is to commit to yourself once you're given what you asked for. Now that I hold on to my dream, believe in myself, given the chance to start over new, it is my part to work my ass out there to achieve it! Determination here I come.
I wish you the best too!


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