November 7, 2012

FASHION DIARY: The Reason Why Cazbar "Ladies Night" Isn't As Fun

Since couple of months ago, we started the new trend we call Thursday is the New Friday (TITNF). In essence, we fast forward Friday hangouts to Thursday. Now this is one of our most memorable TITNF ever, I guess this was actually how it started. It happened in Cazbar, one of the bars on Mega Kuningan neighborhood in Jakarta. I've been there couple of times before on Thursday where they had the original version of Cazbar's Ladies Night. During that Cazbar's Ladies Night, they had free flow Martini for the ladies 8 pm onward. They usually had the Quit Night too on top floor every Thursday evening. 

On that fateful night there were 5 of us, 2 gents and 3 ladies. And among the 3 girls, there were only 2 who were making a very good use of the free flow martini which was my dearest friend, Aurell, et moi :D So that night, each of us sipped on 8 glasses of martini each while chatting, taking pictures, and playing pool. And after, we also took part in the Quiz Night, but we were too tipsy to win hehe.. so, we decided to leave even before the Quiz Night ended with a warm happy feeling thinking that we'd definitely go back there again every Thursday in the future.

So we were back there on Thursday, couple of weeks later with more girls. Guess what? They changed our fun free flow martini Ladies Night with a choice of liquors free up to 9 pm. How so unladylike that is? So girls, with this post I beg your forgiveness.

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