January 2, 2013

FASHION NEWS: The Stripes Strike Back

Here comes 2013!

And if you're wondering what kind of fashion comebacks coming this year, it's the stripes! Yep shown in pictures below and as the rule thumb says, third times a trend!

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2013
Alice + Olivia Spring 2013
Michael Kors, Spring 2013
Foreseen it coming, FHAB by Bonjep has the new Zebra print dress to embrace 2013 stylishly. Well, it's called the new Zebra not because the print is in black and white although not literally looks like Zebra. Thus the new Zebra print it is! How to wear this black & white ensemble? Check out my Polyvore set below.

FHAB by Bonjep | the new stripes

Christian louboutin shoes
6.022.585 IDR - mytheresa.com

CÉLINE black tote
15.321.460 IDR - moaat.com

Cat eye sunglasses
91.255 IDR - amazon.com

Find more Style on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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