June 1, 2014


Hola! Bonjep is back!

It's been too long since my last post which was... last year! Well, they say new year means new you - So what's new this year? I'm expanding and strengthening my expertise in Indonesia fashion & beauty industry as a writer and stylist for Hello! Indonesia magazine. Please excuse the long absence, since committing myself full time writing and styling for magazine the same time as managing my own brand, FHAB by Bonjep, are very challenging.

How do you get the job?
It's preparation meets opportunity that made me lucky! I sent unsolicited CV to two printed media group. Later that day during a workshop, I received a phone call from one of the group asking me to come the next day for an interview. The next day was Friday, I came for the interview and later was asked to submit 10 articles by Monday 10 am! After the interview, I went straight to the bookshop, bought the magazine and worked directly through the whole weekend to create around 17 pages. On Monday I sent the file before 10 am and waited for the reply in a week or so before I got called for the next interview with the Editor at Large, I was asked to draw a fashion spreads during the interview. To recap, the required skills are: 1) Writing - vocabulary, style, and grammar 2) Ability to meet the dateline - no matter how hard the tasks! 3) Creativity - concept making, story telling, and presenting 4) Brands knowledge 5) English - sometimes you have to do translation. In two weeks time, I was already signing contract with them :)

What is it about?
Honestly, I was looking for a way to sit in the front row of Jakarta Fashion Week and that's what I get with this job (1). I totally enjoy watching the models walk, strut, and spin (ok, sometimes fall on the runway too), especially live in front of me. I also get invites to attend media camps, beauty product launches, new collection showcases, or stores opening (2) sometimes you get to travel too! (3). Styling successful icons, models and celebrities (4) also mean working with make up artists,  hairstylists, manicurists, photographers, modelling agencies, publicists or talent managers and retail brands (5). Which leads to project managements (6) from loan letters to laundry. Last but not least, writing, reading, editing, re-writing, and obtaining supporting photos (7).

How is it?
It keeps me actively busy (1), productive, and stimulated. I no longer think about better things because I think I do the thing that makes me tick. The job demands being mobile a lot (2) and with Jakarta's traffic it's very time consuming (3). Physically tiring (4) because you have to travel all around plus there's a long extra hours due the datelines. In short it's a lot of FUN (5). Of course it's subjective, because if your objective is to earn huge salary then this is not the job for you. So before you start doing it, think again of why you want to do it :)


Mobile/Whatsapp+62 812 8870 1226 
LINE: Listya Bonjep

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