August 26, 2012

BLOGGING TIPS: Blogger Templates & Widgets

More about blogging.. Bonjep's way. I've been googling, lurking the web and tinkering with fuzzy HTML & CSS codes and I even bought books on how to make a blog.

My first attempt was to try the new Blogger Dynamic Views templates because it looks really cool right?

But then I found it difficult to manage because usable widgets for the templates were limited. But upon stalking some websites, I stumbled upon Southern Speakers very useful tutorials on Blogger Dynamic Views. Although in the end I gave up using the templates. So I scrapped and restart with a simple templates instead \ ^ _ ^ /

Google has been so resourceful place for me to find free blogger templates and cool widgets to spice up your blog. Even though by downloading and installing free blogger templates you cannot modify your templates using the Blogger template designer hence you will need to scrutinize the HTML codes or add CSS codes. I figured that's too much work for me so I previewed some templates that I like and try to configure my layout to match it. My current layout is inspired by Scrappy template.

Finally after a few days, I can present you Bonjep's Lookbook: a look in life by Bonjep. Enjoy!

Find more Blogging Tips on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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