August 31, 2012


PRINTED SILK CHIFFON BEADED BIAS DRESS W/SHAWLSo I think a week ago I messaged Diane Freis. Diane who? I don't personally know her or her design but I came up with beautiful images of her design on Google -don't ask how did I ended up there- anyway their Sales and Marketing team replied my message and give me permission to include about their contact information in my blog. So here I am writing about it.

As I quoted from Vintage Designer Clothing
"American-born designer Diane Freis began creating clothing while still a student at UCLA.  Freis moved to Hong Kong in 1973 and opened her first boutique in 1978.   Freis soon established her own design and manufacturing studio, focusing on women's dresses.  Her business soon expanded from the Orient to worldwide distribution of her designs.   Freis's classic dresses are unmistakeable - she uses exotic, bright, multicolored prints, often in polyester georgette.
Freis's dresses are extremely popular among travelers, as they are easy to care for yet exude glamor and femininity"

Check her site here

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