September 12, 2012


dear September,

Now. Is exactly a month after her birthday. And 7 years since we started a business together back on 12 September 2005. 12 years since we first knew each other. We were so different back then.

She and I always said there's something special about the number 12 (well my favorite number is actually 6) but there's just something about this 12 number other than it's 12 hours a day, 12 months a year, 12 eastern and western zodiacs. What else?

And today September 12th of 2012, it's her moment to take another step closer to her dreams :) Her mother told me that she was so excited to leave while her parents were more like worried.

At the moment she's on a plane to Japan, the land of rising sun, as I'm writing this. Oh well, probably she's in transit in Denpasar, not sure. But I won't worry because I arrived just in time to the airport before she took off to take pictures of her (and me and the rest of us.. but for now I'll focus on her, the birthday girl)

Anyway I think she has been preparing her trip thoughtfully. Look at how thoughtful she planned on what to wear to look stylish during travel aka picture time. Long coat and oxford in khakis, these two items should be neutral to be matched with everything else. Navy blue Longchamp to match her denim. Smart color coding.
the Birthday Girl

So, Happy Birthday dear Grace. I know it's one of you Best-Years-Ever! Enjoy a piece of us wrapped in a box.


B / I / T (Bonjep / Inda / Tari)

PS: We'll be waiting for your style transformation once you land on J-Pop land!

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