September 26, 2012

FASHION DIARY: Bangkok Nights

I remember I wrote that even though my shopping days in Bangkok were tiring it didn't stop me for going out at nights. Yep, we got that right. So here are things I did at night while I was there.

Night 1 - slept well at LubD
Captured it here in [Moments] Sleep Well in Bangkok

Night 2 - The Club Khaosan
Free entrance rules yeay! The drinks are also low priced so don't worry if you're looking to get drunk, you'll get drunk first before you get broke. Located in Khaosan road the backpacker district, this place is packed with tourists pumping up with the beat of the music. No dress code, shirts, shorts and sandals are welcome. It only opens from 10 pm - 3 am tho..

Next Saturday 29th September DJ Alvaro will be playing there. Check this promotional video. For more info check their website here.

Night 3 - Route 66 in RCA

I've never been to many clubs in Bangkok but I think the one thing that made the clubs here different is that they give privileges for the locals. Locals get free entry while foreigners have to pay 300 baht for entrance which is transferred into drink coupons.

Divided into two main zones, the Live zone and the Hip Hop zone and man they play a crazy laser shows there! Definitely my favorite! Check out this video I found in Youtube yourself! More details on their website here.

Night 4 - Foot Massage

Finally! After shopping at days and dancing at nights, we decided that we need to pamper ourselves with a little treat to our body (besides good food that is) Massage in Bangkok is a must try. You can find massage parlors easily in touristy areas and they open even after the mall closes! Average rate for an hour foot massage varies from 200 - 250 baht depends on the place.

That's pretty much how I spent my nights in Bangkok and I can't wait to get back there!

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