September 29, 2012


[Day 2] – Platinum Fashion Mall / Route 66 @ RCA

It was Saturday, I had a friend wanted to come along shopping and she just landed that day straight from Jakarta. Initially we wanted to go to Chatuchak but we decided it was kinda late to go there (our lunch finished by 2.30 pm!) So we went to Platinum Fashion Mall instead, it was an indoor version of Chatuchak. It specializes on a wholesale, a place where you should muster your bargaining finesse. Almost everything has a price tag and they will openly tell you how much the wholesale price is. By the way, wholesale definition is when you buy more than one, just buy two of the same item and you can get it cheaper by 50 – 100 baht! Anyways the price tag is quite low already so that I didn’t feel the urge to push the price down any lower. You can get 3 dresses for 500 baht only, that’s too cheap!

Another amazing fact about Platinum is that every stores offer different kind of clothes! I didn’t find two nearby stores offering the same dresses! Even if they have similar models, the details are not the same. I wonder how they do that. The downside of that is it made me feel so stressed out because I wanted to check out all of the stores but I didn’t have enough time to go to all 3 zones and 4 floors of the mall. Also that some of the stores accept only cash so you need to prepare enough cash to make a purchase (and the word enough is nonexistent for shopping on bargain prices, believe me) Oh one more thing, you need to bring a huge tote bag to put all the smaller bags into, it definitely would help you to shop conveniently.

The mall closes at 6 pm so we had to stop shopping involuntarily, head back to our hostel, and tried all of the things we bought. None of the purchase failed. Everything fell into place, worked like wonder! There’s this one hi low dress that works for every size and every body shape, it gives elegance and grace to the wearers. Will try to post our pics later.

After all the shopping craze done. We took a shower and dressed up for a night out. The night before, Keith told us about a club that plays hip hop and RnB in RCA called Route 66. So that was our destination that night. The hostel staff kindly talked to a cab driver to take us there but he dropped us in a place called Source 39 instead. I should’ve known it when I saw the sticker on his window pane. He told us that it was Route 66 but it wasn’t!

So upset and hungry, we ate dinner by the street local style. We had beef basil rice with sunny side up and boiled cockles with chili dips. The food boosted up our mood fortunately and we decided to carry on the night to Route 66. This time the taxi driver was a genuine guy who dropped us at the right place!

Bought our entrance fee and drink coupons and headed to the dance floor which was totally jammed! Sooooooo many people. The scene reminded me of Jakarta night life except that you don’t have to wear high heels to get in and if you’re locals you can get in for free. It was hip and loud, in short, a lot of FUN. Was so crazy dancing, I got thirsty. And on my second visit to the bar, a Thai girl started a conversation. Didn’t really get what she was talking about as the club was so loud and she spoke in an accent I’m not familiar with. But she kissed me on the cheek as she parted. I told my friend about her and she said that girl could be a ladyboy? Really?

Anyway, that was not how my night ended. Something even crazier happened later. Check my post on [Moments] We live in a world where losing your mobile phone isworse than losing your virginity.

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