September 28, 2012

QUOTES: We live in a world where losing your mobile phone is worse than losing your virginity

I quote that from someone who lives in Bangkok. True enough I must say, I experienced just what losing a phone means for (some?) people in Thailand. What I’m about to tell you is one of once in a lifetime experiences in my life, and that is... Being searched by a Bangkok policeman in the dead of the night. The reason why? Well, it goes like this.
We just got home from Route 66 club in the RCA area around 4am. I think it was not that long after we fell asleep, someone knocked on our door. Stood at the door there were our hostel staffs, 2 Thai girls, and a policeman(?). At first we thought it was a search for drugs, but after they explained apparently the Thai girls were looking for a missing Iphone. They woke us up in the dead of our sleeps-JUST-to-look-for-A-PHONE. Apparently they tracked the phone GPS and it led back to our hostel, so they had our hostel searched for 2 hours. The suspects were the two groups that went to RCA that night, one of them is our group. They searched our luggage, our shopping bags, even our bathroom. They couldn’t find anything but that was really really annoying! The hostel compensated with free breakfast the next day. But still, I’ve never heard anywhere else so concerned about a mobile phone, it can’t wait until the light of day! (well during this holiday my day starts at 10am the earliest, so..whatever) Maybe it’s an Iphone 5? Has it been launched yet?!

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