September 4, 2012

QUOTES: Be Yourself

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde
Sometimes I might confuse people because I have so many plans, that's just me. I don't like clinging to one plan, who knows whether it's gonna work or not. But on the other hand, having too many plans have pulled me into so many different directions that my moves seems so chaotic and almost invisible. But at least I was willing to move forward, a zig zag forward even.

I tell you what, among all things that I'm not good at I'm worst at doing things against my will. So I think even when you don't know where you're going yet, you need to know where you don't wanna be. For those will move you closer to a place where you belong. Life is only once, and your life is yours. So be what you're meant to be, not just anyone.

What do you think?

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