September 6, 2012

STYLE INSPIRATION: Day 1 - Shopping.. Do you mind?

Actually I haven't make the itinerary yet but this is my part of trying. Someone said imagination is more important than knowledge. So here I am, visualizing of how my holiday would be. I'm not really looking for something in particular but once you think that, you'll end up shopping! That's why darlings I made this set ;)

My rule for a shopping day, less is more. Less articles you bring with you means more items to buy, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it so? I mean, if you're looking fancy when you're shopping then you might not want to shop thinking 'I'm too fabulous already' it's the same thing as thinking 'I'm too smart for this' which made you stop learning. But we don't want to stop looking gorgeous right? Ok, that's a very girly excuse but.. it's the fact! Haha..

In this post I don't want to preach of how to shop, maybe in another post. But today I will share you my thoughts on what should you wear during a shopping spree. For me it's looking minimalistic for it gives you freedom to move and also to bargain. Hey I'm talking about perfect competition market type here not the monopolistic competition, where you as shoppers can have a bargaining power!

Think of the outfit as particles in the big picture of your entire holiday. It may not be looking all glamorous but it's functional and practical and you can still look chic, totally.

simple top + shorts
and tote bag

The trick to mix is the color coding and to match the details. For example if you're wearing a frill sleeve shirt, you don't want to over layer it with a cardigan because it will give an unintended puffy shoulder look that is unflattering. Remember the key lies in the details! Now can you tell me which details I'm talking about in this look I made with Looklet?

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