September 3, 2012

STYLE INSPIRATION: Elisa's 'Je ne sais quoi'

Elisa is one of my dear friend. Her attitude is like "seriously" but inside she has a very soft heart. She's a Pisces. With her duality as two faced fish, she has that certain something undefinable about her or in French they say 'je ne sais quoi'

without the jacket
She loves classic preppy looks, so I'm making a set through Looklet that reminds me of her with a little twist.

This is what I call a basic Elisa look. Preppy clean with some attitude. Very simple and easy to follow. Hey, everyone can wear black and white right?
with the jacket

So the look basically a white sleeveless collared suit + black denim pants + open toe heels.

Elisa wears a bag like no one else can, this rucksack reminds me of what she could wear. To accentuate the top, I put on Holly Fulton necklace.

And finally, G Star Raw jacket is the final piece to complete the look. Et voila..a look that says "move away bitches!"

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