September 1, 2012


I'm a stalker. A modern and fashionable one, to the least. I rarely got to stalk on the field but I might need to. And I'm sorry I can't post you on how I would look like when I'm stalking as it would break the rules of  'See but don't be seen' but.. I can give you tips on staying incognito while you're on stealth mode (which you can also apply in avoiding your fans on the street, uhuh sure you got one)

I see You

1. Change your hair dos
I assume you're all girls with certain amount of hair to style. Here's a tip. What can change your whole look by just changing it? Except eyebrows. In stalking mode, you want your face covered as much as you can. So the answer would be hair. If you have long hair and usually kempt in ponytails then you should let it loose, or you don't have a bang then you might want to sweep your hair to sides to hide your forehead.

2. Be natural
Don't be groggy. Observe the surroundings and the people around you, what's the place, what do the people do, what are the ambiance tone. Then decide what to wear so you can blend in into the surroundings without getting too much attentions.

3, Bring properties
Props help to hide you, it can be an umbrella on a rainy day, an ipod or ipad, or a book or a newspaper. It creates alibi when people see you busy with something on your hand so they won't think that you're watching them.

4. Wear shades / glasses
Depends on your condition. It helps you maneuver your eye balls in broad daylight without being caught. So make sure you wear some real dark non see through shades! If wearing shades made you stand out, wear glasses instead. Wearing glasses can instantly change your appearance.

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