September 1, 2012

BLOGGING TIPS: Research & Redefine

How are you all doing this lovely Saturday evening (GMT +7) ?
I've been quiet but not away.. Actually I've been doing a lot of reading, studying, ...researching!

One of my missions writing this blog is to share with fellow bloggers on blogging related how to-s. Simply by sharing my problems actually and to provide answers! 

My biggest concerns in creating a blog are: how to make an appealing layout and how to create powerful content. And these two big questions drive me in writing my blog posts. Well of course looks can be deceiving but for me it works! lol. When I see cute looking blogs, I feel stuck for a moment before I analyze their features. This helps me to enhance my own blog in so many ways. All of the things I put onto my blog were born out of curiosity. Analyzing what's already there also motivates me in creating related content and therefore strengthen the purpose of my blog and why it exists in the first place. In short, keeping in touch with the market will benefit to redefine your blog and stay inspired :)

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