October 12, 2012

[Blogging Tips] Blog Post Ideas from a Shopping Trip

TGIF isn't it?

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Now I'd like to share you some of the ideas to write into blog posts from a shopping trip, like my last shopping trip to Bangkok.

1. Outfit of The Day + Beauty Tips

Organize outfit selection to go shopping that suits the shopping place, is it a mall, is it a market? How is the weather? Hot, humid, rainy? Which one would put you shop at ease, a cotton or silk? What to prepare to stay on your best photo ready shape? Do you need oil control? Compact powder? A bright raincoat or matching umbrella? Would it be more comfortable wearing loafer or wedge? 

2. Shopping Destination + Shopping Tips

Plan your days itineraries and share. What are the destinations, how to get there, what kind of items you can get there. Is it a splurge or a thrift? How many hours you should spend there? Do you need to bring extra tote bags or prepare cash, or maybe your own calculator? Is the place safe from pickpockets? What are the amenities?

3. Shopping List

Time to flaunt the inside of your shopping bags! What are the items of your purchase, how much you get them for. Where did you buy them? Was it a good deal? What was your thought the first time you saw the piece? Were the shopkeeper nice enough to give you discounts? Was it on promotion? How much is your total spending per store? 

4. Bargaining Ethics

To some places where you can bargain, you can write special post on bargaining tips. How to do a bargain in a grocery mall, what about in a market? How much they inflate the price tag from the original value? How much lower you can bid on? How to deal with the shopkeeper? What to do before bargaining?

Those are what I thought of.. Have you got your own ideas on what to write from a shopping trip?

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