October 11, 2012

[Style] Faire le Linge..s'il vous plaît? Part Une

or "do the laundy" as the French says.. was the word lingerie derived from. Now we all know about modern lingerie, but do you really? Lingerie as Wiki description is a fashionable and possibly alluring undergarments. Back in the days, it was initially made of linen. Nowadays, it can be made of cotton, spandex, lycra, nylon, lace, satin, polyester, silk etc.

When I was a teenager, all I know about women lingerie was limited to bra and panty. When I came to my adulthood, I learn about lingerie from women magazines. Apparently there are more to the word bra. Here's what I think you should know..
  • Babydolls and Chemises

Both are types of short sleeveless night gowns which are loose fitting. A babydoll have the empire line, or simply a line below the bust in which cut is to hold and highlight the busts, leaving the rest of its coverage in loose a line form.  A chemise is similar to babydolls except that it’s more form fitting. It can be worn either to emphasize or hide body curves.

  • Basque - Bustier - Corsets
They are form fitting bodices. Bodices term comes from pair of bodies (made of two pieces strapped, joint, or fastened together) to cover the upper body part.
Basque forms the bust to the waist line, leaving waist visible to elongate it.
Bustier is more structured from basque, it covers bust to hips with additional boning to shape the torso.
Corset grips tighter than a bustier and runs longer to lower hips. It reduces waist line, flattens the abs, and elevates breasts, giving the body an hourglass shape.


·      Bodystocking
Body stocking

Just like what stocking does to legs, bodystocking does it to the whole body. Made of one piece garment that is sheer but durable to cover all body part, up from long sleeves down to the toes. 
Body suit

  • Bodysuit
A very tight fitting suit functions to support and shape body form to make it look tight and light.

  • Camisoles
A sleeveless form fitting that covers the upper part of the body down to the torso. Also known a as tank top.
  • Teddy
One piece camisole plus panty, just like one piece swimsuit.

    All images taken from http://www.lingerie-confidant.com/lingerie_glossary.html.
    Read more glossary about lingerie here or there

    The above are parts of undergarments that cover upper body part, as for lower body part wait for my next post!

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