October 22, 2012


Good afternoon! How have Monday been for all of you?
I'm not doing really well today but in the midst of being unwell, I was reminded to a story of a friend of mine..Keni. 

She's an artist, she does paintings, installation, drawings, music, and all art stuff. Her presence brings the androgyny feel with a playful twist. Don't let her demure feminine looks deceive you, she might be wearing a beautiful silky dress and groom her hair long but inside she's wilder than plainly just that. In short for me she's an abstract painting. Read more about abstract art in Wiki here.

Even though it's called abstract but do you realize it plays a lot with geometry? and that colors are used to highlight the shapes. To amplify, it needs plain white background or a black touch. Just like Keni, if you put her among common crowd, she'll stand out.

To dress like Keni, loose top with prints or accents combined with solid black tights or stockings or long skirt. Flats please or boots if you must! Add plain or playful shoulderbag et voila!

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