October 31, 2012

STYLE INSPIRATION: Hollywood Classic on Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
So who or what are you going to dress into? My personal wishlist is to dress on Classic Hollywood style ala Dita von Teese. Who is she? Check her on Wiki or visit her site here.

Enjoy my Polyvore set below :)

Holywood Classic for Halloween

Jane Norman polka dot top
338.800 IDR - houseoffraser.co.uk

Bardot tube skirt
198.955 IDR - bardot.com.au

Christian Louboutin pointed toe high heels
6.003.840 IDR - net-a-porter.com

Lanvin long glove
11.287.225 IDR - net-a-porter.com

Kate Spade bow belt
749.280 IDR - katespade.com

Mimco hair clip accessory
189.010 IDR - mimco.com.au

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