December 5, 2012

FASHION DIARY: One of That Amazing Moments When You Can Wear What You're Sewing

Hey Guys! Happy Hump Day!

As you know, I've been taking classes in Esmod Fashion School and my first lesson was to make pattern and sew a skirt. We used the mannequin size skirt but stupid me added 1 inch wide and cut the skirt 2 inches  shorter than the standard. Was supposed to submit it last Friday but since not all of us attended the Friday session, we were given permission to submit it on Monday before the class started. So I took my skirt home and gave it a final touch by hand sewing and randomly gave it a try. Guess what? It fits so well on me! Hah! You know that amazing feeling when you craft something with your own hand that you can wear? Felt awesome!

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  1. i love when i sew and it fits! best feeling ever.. looks great on you


    1. you know what I'm talking about ;) thank you!



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