December 7, 2012

BLOGGING TIPS: Personal Branding Tips from the Founder of Indonesia Unite

Lately, I've been checking out blogs from Indonesia .. one of the purposes is to learn from the fast growing blogs in content-wise. Then I stumbled upon this article I found on (it's in Bahasa) which contains Leoni's powerful note on personal branding. 

"The essence on personal branding is differentiation and capability. According to Leoni, personal branding is not merely politically branding or selling yourself. Personal branding talks about how someone complete themselves with unique selling point. Personal branding is not how to maintain your image. It's not table manner. What's needed is your uniqueness but not just plain you"

"So how to create it? Positioning strategy is a must. Where is our capability lie and where are the competitors position. Strengthen the core competence with consistency and authenticity. People will see what we do, not just what we talk about" said Leoni.

A little about her, she was the one behind #indonesiaunite and #aksisosialindonesiaunite that was founded during earthquake in Padang few years back. Totally inspiring!

As for this blog, I will share the positioning in another post.

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