February 10, 2013

STYLE INSPIRATION: How to Wear this Narcissus Sakura

Good day Sunday!

How are you spending your weekends? However it is I assure you that Narcissus Sakura, as a hybrid between top & dress is suitable for many occasions.

If you wonder what to wear it with? Don't worry because I've provided some options for you. Now I'm sure you have basic items such as t shirt, tank top, short, or skirt? Or the little black dress? Well good news, because all of them are wearable with Narcissus Sakura :) In fact, you can dress it up according to your mood with the simple rules of layering! 

1. Lazy?
There are times when you don't really want to care how and what to look like. You need to go out and you can't really bother to think of what to wear or how to dress your hair besides the ponytail. This Narcissus Sakura is here to help you brighten up your appearance. Just simply wear it over your shirt / tank  and short / skirt pair it with a flip-flop and you're set!

2. Sexy?
When you feel like you're ready to rock the world.. just find  a bustier / tube pair it with short skirt / tights. You don't need too many just mini. Loosen up your hair, get some curls, and bold lipstick. Complete the look with heels.

3. Classy?
Now you don't want to be too flashy. Simple and elegant is the key. Go grab that little black dress of yours that's hanging in the closet and wear it under! Chin up, chignon up (do) too! Wear that mini purse or clutch and you're all good.

4. Please don't perve me?
Ok ladies. For you that don't like to show skin at all..good news is that you can actually wear a long sleeved shirt under! Then wear your jeans / legging / jegging. Oh, and a wedge? Kudos! Dress up your hair in turban would do too.

FHAB Tips | What to Wear with Narcissuc Sakura

Anything else you can think of?

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