March 12, 2013

FASHION NEWS: Indonesia Fashion Moments of Truth?

Hello Strangers!

It's been a while.. I've been busy with making clothes & photoshoots & exhibitions that I forgot to upload them here. More photos coming soon. Anyways, I recently realized that although information stream using internet is probably too fast, it's not reflecting in reality. In terms of fashion, what I watched in Spring/Summer 2013 showcase runways were just featured 4 months later around January/February in Indonesia magazines. They're telling me about the stripes, black and white, 60's mod which I already prepared in Dec 2012. For me it's outdated, how come the same information stays for 3 months? I was expecting more ideas. 

Last week in one of our exhibitions, one customer was asking about a certain model type which I thought was so last year. While I thought Indonesians are quickly catching up with whats trending globally, well I assume maybe it's only 1% of the population or less that is that advance. Being part of the fashion tribe (the less than 1% population) made me one if not two steps ahead, which caused a business dilemma. To become a fashion forward trendsetter where almost no one gets you or to slow down to population pace to become massively popular? This should make an interesting business case, don't you agree?

But ooh, then I found out this article about the era of personal style! What an enlightenment!


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