April 10, 2013

FASHION NEWS: A Swift Spring

It’s April already!

Time does fly, especially when you’re busy running here and there. Oh, hello west side of the world! Is spring there yet? Here in the east, spring comes and now it’s almost gone. Beautiful things happen in the spring, like the blossoming cherry tree or Sakura. So pretty!

I designed one of our most selling dresses inspired by the blossoming Sakura in the spring, it’s called Narcissus Sakura. It’s light, bright, emerge from the cold with blossoming flower patterns. Perfect attire to be worn throughout spring/summer !

The asymmetrical cut of the dress meant to make a blossoming shape of a flower.  Designed without lining so that it can be mixed and matched with other basic apparels such as tshirt, tank top, short, or skirt. For more inspirations on how to wear it, read here.

With selling price Indonesia Rp. 189,000, this dress is an instant hit. Swiftly out of stock, we’ve only one stock left in L size. 

This last piece is only Rp 150,000. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bonjep - the B in FHAB
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email: cs@itsfhab.com 
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