April 11, 2013

FASHION NEWS: FHAB at I Love Bazaar Jakarta

Hola Jakarta!

2 weeks past I Love Bazaar Jakarta event, and it was a great 4 days for FHAB! Our customers were crazy over our promotions. Customer with BCA credit card got additional discount 15% for all items special for FHAB customers! Don’t have a BCA credit card? No worries, customers can follow our twitter account @itsFHAB or like our Facebook Page: Its FHAB and get the additional discount 10%. Note the word additional! Yes we were already having special price for customers that shopped with us in I Love Bazaar Jakarta! 

Tribal scarves
Most selling items were the tribal scarves! If you buy one it’s Rp. 100k, if you buy more than one it’s Rp. 80k each! Not to mention if you got BCA cc or follow us in social media!
We're sorry but not all the tribal scarves are photographed yet, so you won't be able to find them in our web. If you have any inquiries about the product, you're welcome contact me. Please find my details on the bottom of this post.

Next most selling item was Bruna dress!
Too bad we’re only producing limited stock for each size. So for those who managed to get our dresses with desired size, congratulations! You’ve bought a very very limited and exclusive FHAB dresses by Bonjep.

During the event, customers browsed through Spring/Summer 2013 collections of FHAB by Bonjep that were consisted of around 30 articles.  The Spring/Summer collections of FHAB by Bonjep are colorful, vibrant, but also sweet, and elegant. Fabric selections of combined chiffons, crepes silk, and cotton frame the bodices into sheer, light, and soft silhouettes. The combinations were meant to embody the romantic spirit of Spring/Summer collections of FHAB by Bonjep.

In the displayed collections we had some new articles, so fresh that they aren’t photographed yet! The upcoming collections are frenzy of geometrical prints. Some that you might have seen there were the Tidal Wave, Crayola, Zoas, and Bonbon. More Sweet and Sheer Summer collections are soon to be launched! Stay tuned!

Bonjep - the B in FHAB
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email: cs@itsfhab.com 
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