April 12, 2013



Thank God it's FHABulous Friday! How's everyone's second week in the first month of second quarter? How's study? Work? Slow, satisfied, or stressful already? If you're feeling like you need a little break, well I suggest a sunny place to gleam up a bit! Who would refuse a little touch of sand on your feet, ocean breeze on your skin, and beautiful sun rays? I won't! My holiday is coming soon, 2 weeks soon to be exact! I'm going to somewhere with sun, sea, and sand! And it'll be fab because I'll bring my new FHAB collections with me! Pssst... a little clue, I will have the relaunch of Sakura & Chloris for the upcoming high Summer collection. And it's even softer and bolder at the same time. Curious? 

Now, speaking of Spring times.. I named one dress Chloris, taken from Greek mythology which is a name of Goddess of flowers that is associated with spring. In my head Chloris made a sweet seducing sigh so I translate that into a high low sheer dress with floral pattern in Ochre color, the color of earth where the flower grows on. More on Chloris explanation on Wiki here.

Customers asked me on how to wear Chloris, well I assure you that it is wearable in daily basis with the right mix and match. But for now, I will share you the inspiration on wearing Chloris to the beach! Oooh..by the way, the dress is on discount now, it's Rp 22rb cheaper! Visit here.

Chloris | www.itsFHAB.com

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming collection!

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  1. This is fabulous! I am always looking for mens leather jackets, and one I get from cwmalls.com is very good and I probably will get more from them.


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