April 17, 2013

QUOTES: On The Way To Entrepreneurship


Happy Hump Day everyone!

As weekends approaching, another week is going to go bye bye.. Funny how things are slipping away so quickly from our grasps. Here I am thinking of the days gone by, the weeks, the months, and it seemed like I haven't gone as far as I wanted to. 
In this road of entrepreneurship I choose, hurdles come in so many forms. Therefore planning is key! It's true when they say you have to plan for the unplanned! Tell you what, you have to plan ahead that none of your plans is going to work, like mine at the moment. When you realize that none of your plan might work and you know THAT, you can start to prepare your set of actions toward the consequences.
Well maybe I'm exaggerating but my initial plan and reality totally don't get along together. It's more to the reality shapes up the plan. And since that there's more chance of it to occur, there's one thing you need to master, be reactive! Yes being preventive is always be the first mentality you need to own but then when hard times hit you, you can't just sit down and dwell, you need to react!
One of my favorite quotes ever "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" once said to me by a former director I had in my previous job. It's the spirit of persistence. But if you look closer, it's actually more than just being persistent or stubborn. Because to keep going you need to know where you're going. Hold the end in mind of where you want to go, for it will be your daily dose of motivations intake. See the lovely picture? Feel good about it? Good! Then we're ready to get up and try again.
You know what Albert Einstein thoughts on insanity? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Now it's time to evaluate what caused you the problem and take lessons from there. So when you're up against the same situation you won't have to end up the same way you did before.
Now the hardest part of being on the dark side of the moon is that you don't see the light. You just can't! Well I think it's time to give your beautiful mind a challenge, to imagine the brighter side, impossible as it may seems. But truth is, every obstacles are opportunities for the capable minds! A dear friend of mine once told me that it's rarely a setback. For me it's like the quiet times before the storm, your storm :) 

All the above is a set of mind training that will feed your entrepreneur soul. Think you got it? Now that I wrote that down, I realize I might have learned more than I expected and well experience is pricey right? So I choose to be a stubborn optimist! Apparently to be a happy go lucky soul is a lot of training. I like to say I'm one in the making..

I dedicate this post for my daily inspirations.. my support groups. I know they care and worry about me at the same time. But this is to let you know, there's nothing to worry about. For me personally, I just like to find my inner peace and sort things with myself when conflicts arise. I retreat to find clarity in my thoughts and channel my inner resentment to the void, to avoid a continuous destructive behavior. I will come back, alive and kicking harder than before. This method has been tried, tested and proven.


The always improving B

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