September 30, 2013


Last day of September! As the "back to school" month, September means a lot for fashion industry. The big fashion issue on print media is on September edition. Spring next year collections are shown on runways on September. Fashion exhibitions are there too embracing the back to school moment. Today's post will highlight some of fashion exhibitions that happened on the same weekend (6-8th September 2013) on early December in two different cities, Jakarta and Bandung.

Market & Museum
Back again, this September they held their second exhibition featuring 78 local brands, an increasing number of participants compared to their first event. Their first exhibition was just held in May with 69 local brands. Local brands participated arrayed from fashion brands, home decors, and food stalls
What's unique? Not just a curated market, but also a thematic one. Each exhibition had certain theme and for this second one, their theme was Candy Lab. Like a theme park, their exhibition was enriched with art installation and live DJ to hype up the ambiance. Visitors were also welcomed to participate in their activity space courses on set like make up class and dessert table decorating class. Endorsed by local celebrities like Raisa (Pick me Up) and Pevita Pearce (Hippearce) participated in the event has had created fast grown publicity, which made this event one of the most awaited curated market in Jakarta.

Photo by: Chandra Wijaya 

Lookats Market
From the capital of West Java, Bandung - the flower city, another curated market also happened on that same weekend. This is their second year and this year they came up with new concept that include fashion, food, art, and music. This year theme was When Old Meets Rave or Retrorave theme with 9 elements:
  • Retrorave! An Urban Revival!
  • The Upper-Siders Outdoor Festival!
  • Curated Indie Creations!
  • Rooftop Retrorave Eatery!
  • Indoe Party Acts!
  • Retrorave Art Exposition!
  • Retro Tunes, Rave Tunes, All In!
  • Rooftop Cinemas by BCCF
  • Lookats Space
Which had successfully drawn thousands of people to their event. From insiders whisperer, the visitors on Friday hit around 5000 and tripled on the next day! Must be the most visited spot in Bandung city that weekend.

Stay tuned for more fashion news on Bonjep's Lookbook!

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