September 23, 2013


Sorry for the long pause. This post is actually been scheduled for early September but I've been away most of the times. But now I'm back to give you the summary of fall trends: what to wear, which color to choose, how to wear your hair and make up dos!

September is here and as you know September is a big year for fashion publication in magazine. It is always been said so but why? I think commercially, it's the season of the big ticket items! Imagine that parade of winter coats, boots, and all that layering that needs to be advertised. Also the back to school syndrome?

Now unfortunately that irrelevant for tropical paradise like Indonesia. We used to have 6 months of rainy season and 6 months of sunny season. Well lately there's nothing too predictable. It was raining all the way from January to July I think? In August it's turning hot hot summery hot all the sudden. So apparently the rainy season has gone longer than everyone expected. But yes school proceeds after the big festive holiday season wears off.

What's Hot 
Statement outerwear / Rounded shoulders / Over the knee boots / Knit beanies / Turtlenecks / Slouchy pants / Leather

Patterns to Watch
Houndstooth / Tartan / Plaid / Tweed / Pinstripe / Holographic

Fall Colors
Jewel tones: Perfectly Pink / OutrĂ© Orange / Racy Red / Cool Cobalt / Regal Purple / Mossed Out / Slinky Sapphire / Jet Black / Black and White / Shades of Grey / Snowy White / Creamiest Camel / Golden Age

Get that? Now combine them all! The art of fall season is to wear layers, so you can actually combine patterns. Here to give you some ideas on how it all look together. And um yeah, it's a BIG number on your credit card bill for sure.


Diane von furstenberg sweater
2.382.290 IDR -

Mango coat
1.597.335 IDR -

390.505 IDR -

Topshop strap boots
5.058.795 IDR -

GUESS by Marciano clutch
2.083.120 IDR -

Billabong hat
288.090 IDR -

More on this season trends on upcoming post soon! xoxo, Bonjep.


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