September 10, 2013

QUOTES: Be Out and About!

Hello Tuesday!

It's the second week of September, the end of third quarter is approaching fast. It's the time for companies to spend the leftover budget to catch up with the target. As for me, my half year activity plan has already been done and now it's time to review the action plan. I have to say that this is the art of being an entrepreneur who does everything solo, you can do anything but you don't have merely enough time to do everything! It feels like it was just yesterday, launching my brand and participating in events while actually it's already 9 months after the launch! So much has been going through and I hope these writings will be able to give you a glimpse of direction if you ever want to take this path as a fashion entrepreneur.

So are you wondering when is FHAB's next event? Me too! Haha.. (just kidding) I'm not wondering, I know for sure when the soonest showcase will be. It will be by the end of September, but we won't be showing all of our collections. Some of our collections will be brought by Scallope, a fashion webstore, at an exhibition end of this month. You can check our collections there too. Stay tuned for more news!

I dedicate this month and the upcoming months to improve my writings. Starting this September I'm contributing for Fashion Wows, a blog about fashion trend from all over the world and I'll be representing my country, Indonesia. If you want to get updated about the current global trend, don't hesitate to check because we're updating the content every day! Check my first post here

I'm also a media partner to Cityblis! You must have seen their banner on the blog layout down there. They curate fashion from independent designers from all over the world. I think I should enroll there as designer too. If you're a fellow writer or designer, you're welcome to do so. Come and show the world some Indonesia talents!

At this very moment I'm currently seizing other opportunities, the ones on my bucket list that I haven't done. Fingers crossed I get to tell you soon, because that would mean I made it. In the mean time I found that grabbing opportunities actually take a lot of reaching out to people and learning new things too. They say if you want to have something you never have, you have to do something you've never done. Right?

In my experience, getting what you want gets easier when you talk about what you want. Well of course, it's not just about no action talk only. But I found out that admitting your needs is always the hardest part, next to realizing it for sure. You help yourself when you're being true to who you are and by saying what you need, you remind yourself what you need to do. And hopefully you'd do it? I remind myself what I need to do everyday even though it's not realizing as soon as I want it to but I'm working on it!

Moral of the story: Don't die wondering. Just do (whatever you want to do)! Go out there and make people notice you if they haven't!

Have you learn anything so far?

Bonjep | the B in FHAB
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