April 24, 2013

FASHION NEWS: Indonesia Fashion Influencer


Good day Indonesia!

And good morning readers from the West side of the world! I'm in the mood to share more of my experiences in Indonesia fashion industry. For me sharing is caring :) A little out of the topic I'm going to write, I'd like to share my views on behaving towards a competition. Once a friend was having a survey asked "Would you help your potential new challenger in the industry or would you keep the information for yourself considering the competition is getting tougher these days and it's better to eliminate competition early" My answer was "I'd be glad to help. More successful entrepreneurs mean better future for Indonesia" Sounds too naive to you? Read my elaborate thoughts regarding successful people behavior here.

Back to the topic now.. Indonesia fashion influencer. When you're about to sell your products to the market, you need to know what makes them want to buy your products. The influences your consumers receive in purchasing decision. These influences they receive will then justify whether they will buy your products or not. There are two types of influences that are involved in the decision making, the internal influence and the external ones. The internal relates to their needs, whether their desire or taste preference, or the objective on purchasing. The external ones are the ones that comes from their outside such as advertisement, media, celebrities style or endorsement, friends recommendations or testimonials. 

I'm going to talk about the latter ones, I call them the influencer. Before defining who they are, what you need to know is that influencer is considered as source of information. It's sad but in Indonesia the biggest source of new knowledge comes from an advertisement and that's why they sell. That makes TV as the biggest source of information become the biggest source of influence here. Many companies try to sponsor celebrities, shows, or anything that appear on TV with their products. The market is saturated with competition in TV prime time. Now let's relate it to the fashion scene, is TV still relevant? In my own observation, I think somewhat yes but it has more indirect impact in fashion scene. TV may showcase the fashion trend or the trendsetter but it's not TV who nominate those trendsetter. Who does? The print media does. They're more segmented hence own more credibility to nominate someone as trendy or trend-disaster.

The print media I'm referring is the fashion magazine. They have their own cult, their own segmented target audience that is more and more niche nowadays. They are the expert in setting the tone of the fashion scene for so many years because they're dedicated in delivering news and information about fashion. The latest phenomenon of the social media awakening has forced print media to represent their existence in  the digital world. But still they have to share the spotlight with the digital media doers including online media, online shops, offline brands social media, and also fashion bloggers.

As people nowadays granted easier access to take a peak into the real trendsetters' life directly at the same time given their space to express and share their real thoughts, fashion world in Indonesia has become more diplomatic. What happens makes it even a bigger explosion in fashion scene movement in Indonesia. The collaboration of print media, designers or fashion brands, online retailers, online media, and fashion bloggers resulted in forms of fashion bloggers bazaars, curated local brands bazaars, fashion shows, contests, competitions, showcases that are exposed and amplified by print, digital, and even TV channel. It's a melting pot where you get to see, feel, and take part in the experience of becoming the fashion cult. By this it means the era of trend dictation by the media has a thin line bordering with personal style revolution developed by the fashionista.

To sum up.. who are the influencers in Indonesia fashion scene?
1. Print media with their print exemplars, website, facebook, and twitter
2. Online media
3. Online shop / retailers
4. Celebrities including the social media celebs
5. Fashion bloggers

Alright I'll elaborate more about each influencer on other posts later on! Enjoy your lunch!


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