April 25, 2013

QUOTES: Give and Receive


Happy Thursday!

Happy one more day to weekend everyone. As for me, I'm in holiday at the moment! Anyway, yesterday I just realized my passion in knowledge sharing when I was reading this article about how being generous can actually get you ahead. The article brought me to the Give and Take assessment and my result was 53% giver! Not sure how the others perceived me though but I'd like to highlight some of the sentences that I feel true below.

"According to your ratings, your primary style is giver. This means that in your interactions with others, your core motivation is to contribute as much as you can. You probably spend many of your waking hours helping others, connecting people who can benefit from knowing each other, and offering mentoring and advice

When you develop new connections, you might look at your expanded network as a way to benefit more people. When you collaborate with others, you’re probably inclined to put the good of the group above your own interests, and you may go out of your way to share credit. When you evaluate people, you look for potential, often seeing the best in others. At the bargaining table, odds are that you’re concerned not only about your own outcome, but also about leaving your negotiating counterparts better off."   

Now, quoting from the article that I read "Givers are a huge asset to the companies they work for because they make others more effective. They have larger networks that make problem-solving faster and easier. They take the initiative to mentor and train new hires. They pick up the slack when others are overworked. And they foster a sense of loyalty among employees and customers."

It all sounds great isn't it? And what's even greater? That's it's true! I'm happy to say that I've been blessed with that helpful networks. I cherish people that come into my life and see ways to contribute in their life. In return they contribute in their own ways to help me and I live abundantly rejoicing more than I thought I gave them. It's not give and take, it's more to give and then receive :)

Sharing my knowledge was the purpose behind this blog, I'm here to write lessons I have learned and share my inspirations to the world. FHAB by Bonjep was created to empower women to stand up for themselves. Currently I'm tutoring in a foundation where I meet a lot of inspiring people (link will be updated soon!). The reason I joined was to make use of my spare time to give back since I've been receiving so many blessings and yet it already gave me meaningful lessons in life even solves my problems.

In the previous post I mentioned about a friend who was having a survey and asked "Would you help your potential new challenger in the industry or would you keep the information for yourself considering the competition is getting tougher these days and it's better to eliminate competition early" My answer was "I'd be glad to help. More successful entrepreneurs mean better future for Indonesia" See the thin red line? Read more red lines between being generous and successful people behavior here.

By this post I want to say once more that it doesn't hurt being helpful, at all. Or you can just consider it pure luck like they say I'm lucky. Well, I say luck is how you make it ;)

The one and only,

Bonjep | the B in FHAB | www.itsFHAB.com

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