April 26, 2013

FASHION NEWS: FHAB Online Retailers


And thank God I'm in Bali :) Will share more outfit posts soon if and only if I don't lose myself here. I was thinking about writing some light post but let's see if today's post can be one of them.

Running my own brand FHAB by Bonjep has made me think all the time, my current obsession yes. It feels like the first time I launched this blog, exactly the same feeling. Can't sleep at nights for all the right reason thinking of what I want to do about it. Waking up early (sometimes) and just open the laptop to start working on something. 

I launched the website on Dec 15th 2012, around 4 months ago, without an experience running an online business. Realizing that I still don't have the capacity to market and sell online, I thought of 'borrowing' the expertise of the already running online retail businesses. Just within two months after the launch, in February I met Scallope team and decided to start selling on their online shop. Not stopping there, I also signed a contract with Shopping site to resell my dresses and last March I joined Berrybenka shop. Look for the brand FHAB or FHAB by Bonjep!

A friend asked why I didn't try out the group buying sites? Because I want to focus in the online retailers that only sells fashion items. Speaking of group buying sites, I just found out an exciting site that I think very informative. In fact I think it's the first group buying site that explains what is group buying to me. They have a dedicated segment in fashion, also have their own fashion portal that features online shops from all over internet's corner. And just like its name Dskon.com make a good hub as a portal that offers promotions from other online stores in one site. What I like most about it is their blog that collects posts from other Indonesian fashion bloggers! So informative! This is a community stack that reminds me of Independent Fashion Bloggers site or Canopi.me! Let's see if both me and FHAB can get featured there ;)

Yours truly,

Bonjep | The B in FHAB | www.itsFHAB.com

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